Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good mistakes

As I drove along, the mailbox numbers jumped a bit.  I was close and even though the mailbox wasn't numbered, the house had work vehicles in the driveway.  I pulled in and parked. 
When  I entered the open front door, the woman asked if I was the a/c repairman.  
"No", I replied, "I'm looking for #64".
"That's the next house" she said.
Of course I had to ask, "Before I go, what's wrong with the a/c.?"..........
30 minutes later, with the a/c working, I left and went next door to like I was supposed to.
Of course, I had to explain why I was late.

They'd been waiting for days to get it fixed, and a fortunate mistake on my part resulted in it being handled.

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