Friday, November 11, 2011

2011 October/November Snow Storm Newsletter

I just completed our newsletter after our October snow storm.  It covers some of what happened and reminds people to review their power needs.  We continue to update our web site with information about generators and other ideas.
A-1 web site or go directly to the newsletter 2011 November Newsletter

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Storm response

The overwhelming number of emergency calls has tested our ability to respond and help people.  While helping one person on the phone, 2 or 3 other calls come in. 
We're telling everyone to use our 'normal' message process so Cyndy can keep track of the calls.  The 'emergency' process by-passes Cyndy to trigger my phone, but I couldn't handle those calls while working in the field to help customers.
We're doing things as simple as reattaching downed wires, to replacing the entire service wiring and meter box.
For people with simple portable generators for plug-in cords, we've temporarily converted furnace wiring so it can be plugged into the generator.  (When utility power comes back on, we change the wiring back to normal.)
A lot of people are asking about generator options for the future. We'll add more info in the Helpful Hints section of our web site, and in our next newsletter.