Friday, November 15, 2013

Get the LED out.

We're suddenly seeing a lot of new and less expensive LED bulbs on the shelves.  These can no be used almost anywhere.
They give the same amount of light as the old bulbs but use 1/6th of the power.  And they can last over 20 years.
Since the prices have dropped dramatically, you'll start to find everyone switching over.
The 2 key questions to remember:
  1. How much light doe the bulb make?  Your guide is the 'equivalent watts' number.  The LED bulb that is a 65 watt-equivalent means it's about the same as a 65 watt bulb (but only uses 9 watts).  You save on energy and heat output (important in the summer)..
  2. What color is the light?  The typical incandescent bulb color is rated as about 2700° K(elvin) The warm color is what you get if you heat an incandescent bulb's tungsten filament to 2700°K.  That's best for household lighting.  Fluorescent and some LED bulbs are often 3000° or 3500° for white and sun-light.  That's too white for normal use.  Look for the 2700° warm white LED bulbs.
Here's a NY Times article on LED bulbs.