Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"What you see is what you get" - what about what you don't see?

A few recent situations we've encountered:
==>  The home sale inspection said there were open wire connections in the attic.  Occasionally, we'll go to a house with one or two of these.  This house 18 recessed lights with over 20 open connections in the attic.  Maybe they thought sparks would be cooled as they traveled through the open air!
I guess they didn't understand why the lights have built-in junction boxes.  And if a wire is too short, just patch on another short piece. 
Of course, this means there can be a lot of other issues to be uncovered.

==>  Ugly installations of generators and their hardware.  The contractor won't have to look at it once they leave, so how important is that anyway?

==>  Penny wise, pound foolish.  We've seen some work done that kept the cost down by doing the minimum.  It sometimes takes just a bit more (10%) to get a much better (50%) installation with better value and return on investment.

Work on your home should be done with your needs in mind.  Both for now and for in the future.